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  2. That's why I don't understand people getting worked up about it. What exactly is their beef?
  3. As a counter argument, I've seen a few new joggers around the areas I walk my dog in (and not people taking up jogging to get out of the house, but people that already look fairly fit). Could we be seeing more people out jogging now cos the gym's are shut?
  4. Is that by personal observation or through the replies of members on here. It could be that folks who were happy to go and pay to spend time in a sweaty gym are now being displaced outdoors. I've heard similar comments from friends that they've never seen so many people outdoors walking or running when they're exercising their dog.
  5. We do exactly the same. That is exactly government guidance.
  6. Sent funds from “legitimate” sources. The laundry business is doing nicely. Regards The Mafia
  7. I've just updated my iPad and at first impressions seems to have cured the double tap problem (the update only became available to me today, don't know if it's a location thing).
  8. Find it strange the number of people that seem to have taken up exercise. Imagine alot of people who all of a sudden want to exercise daily are the same people that have sat there glued to mobile phones and electronics prior to this. Suppose it's a good thing but I imagine when lockdown is over a number of people will mysteriously lose their love of exercising.
  9. I wonder if some of the clubs have had cheeky corvid tests done on all training staff and players so they can get them in training together?
  10. This is the issue many of the population haven't got two brain cells in their head. I know i am one of the lucky ones (i still have to out to work responsibly of course). But also as a family we are taking care of 2 80+ relatives both who in the last year have been in hospital for Health Issues so the amount of care and pre-planning is hard to work. People who are fit and healthy should do their daily exercise, some of the things driving about make me wonder. The very first day of restrictions at 7'ish in the morning i saw 3 circa 14 year olds playing football in the local park. And later that day i saw 4-5 year old boy playing on his scooter on his own on the street, his parents couldn't have been within a hundred yards of him by the location he was at.
  11. You'll have Chrissy's and Sibbo's mums on the phone if you drop them both after they scored all the goals in the last game.
  12. I went out running every day before the Coronavirus outbreak about 3 miles a day in the week and 5 or 6 at weekends and still do - there's no issue at all. I normally do a mixture of park and street running, it's been heartening to observe that if someone sees me approaching if it's before I cross over the road then they move away to maintain social distance. It's mainly dog walkers I encounter as usually run first thing in the morning or in the evening. Go for it, as long as you're sensible about it which am sure you are it's not an issue and a great way of keeping fit and getting out of the house to break the day up if you're not going to work.
  13. Not sure walking a dog numerous times a day is in the spirit.
  14. I want bright orange. Like Holland or safety clothing. not too clingy but not too baggy either. 100% cotton that will wash well, not these funny shiny modern fabrics. Something a bit more classic. The sort of thing Fiona Bruce might wear.
  15. Helping the mental heath of the forum, Join in if you want.
  16. I don't see an issue. We have just got back from our walk. Stuck to the roads and crossed over when we saw someone. I think common sense should prevail, saw a few people out but not enough to cause an issue with keeping apart. Sadly as i-Ram says we might not be able to if selfish morons can't just stick to the rules. 'Meanwhile, Lambeth Council in south London said Brockwell Park would be closed on Sunday after more than 3,000 people spent the day there sunbathing or in large groups on Saturday.' And this -
  17. Unless I'm misunderstanding things, this seems to be bang in line with "The rules". I think they advise 30 mins, once a day, and no more than two people (excluding those from the same household, I believe?). So I for one won't be slagging you off! Having said that, as half of a couple that love the great outdoors, camping and hiking all year round, and cycling in the better weather, whilst of course we are now missing that side of life, we are both of the opinion that we'd prefer to stay isolated. Prefer to find more mundane ways to get our exercise (Indoor exercise bike/cross trainer mainly... plus Muckerette has taken to following a Yoga video!) We last went hiking the weekend before any restrictions (Sunday 15/3?) up around Lathkill Dale. I finished work on the afternoon of the first restrictions (Monday 23/3). So 13 days at home now is it? I did Morrisons last Tuesday, and don't expect to go again this coming week. Other than taking the bins out, that's the only time I've been outside of the front gate, and the only time I've started the car up. Muckerette has nipped to the post office (She has a small on-line business, requiring items to be despatched.) on each of the last two Tuesdays (20min walk there and back). That's all we've been out, but that's personal choice. We're also very lucky that we like nothing more than enjoying each others company! Family have been accessible by 'phone/Facetime etc. Admittedly we've been busy doing garden based chores, (bar a trip to the garden centre for new plants, of course) and as the sun appears to be coming out today, at least we can now get the bikes out this afternoon (I've rigged up a pair of frames to turn the proper bikes into "outdoor exercise bikes!) and enjoy a half decent garden. How long this approach can last though, is anyone's guess! Go for it... enjoy... and stop feeling guilty! xxx
  18. I might give it a go....you are right of course 🙂
  19. i-Ram


    I doubt it will be long before we have complete lockdown if the minority continue to flout the current directive. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52172035
  20. That’s partly true but the vast majority don’t die , the vast majority have nothing more than flue like symptoms and big numbers have no symptoms whatever? don’t get me wrong the post was not about criticising its trying to get my head around where we are and what’s happening ,trying to read and research as much as I can and put some thought into it, myself and my family have virtually not been out the house since lock down and all incomes dried up as we are self employed so it’s not a case of us ignoring this crisis and recommendations
  21. Still walking my dog twice a day, although I live in a fairly quiet area and can keep a significant distance between myself and others. I also go at quieter times - 6am and 6pm, but thats mostly down to my dog wanting his early morning walk and stupid o'clock! If I lived somewhere more populated or had to visit a busy park I'd limit myself to once a day, but don't see the problem if you live somewhere more rural.
  22. Aren't we all? Be brave. Seriously, it's great to have some real-life conversation and a laugh or two about football, this and that at a time when we all need to keep up our spirits. I am really enjoying it.
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  24. I suppose not many people would kiss her to start with.
  25. Hamer bogle. Wisdom. Clarke. Fozzy Bird. Rooney holmes. Sibley. Knight Martin
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