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  2. Got a crazy feeling that Mel will announce very shortly, just to ruffle a few feathers.
  3. Wages according to the group account (not just the club) 2018 - £46.9m (136% wages:revenue) 2017 - £33.1m (119% wages:revenue) - 10 months (roughly equivalent to £39.7m) 2016 - £35.5m Transfers since the end of the 17/18 season*... In - Waghorn, Marriott, Jozefzoon, Holmes, Evans, Malone, Shinnie, Bielilk, Rooney, Clarke, Hamer Out - Vydra, Weimann, Shackell, Hanson, Jerome, Bent, Baird, Thomas, Bryson Butterfield, Pearce, Blackman, Nugent, Johnson, McAllister, Olsson *not including those we signed and have left since. I estimate wages to have dropped by roughly £8m, but with an increase of sponsorship for Rooney, we'll see the wages reaching more a sustainable level of 105% for this season. Anya will be leaving in the summer, and it's highly likely Thorne and Carson will too.. that'll take us below the 100% wages:revenue mark for the first time since Mel took over.
  4. The sale of the stadium less the value of the stadium carried on the balance sheet will be the profit on disposal of asset (going from what I have read on here) The value of the Stadium on the Balance Sheet was £41M The sale was £80M Profit on disposal circa £39M
  5. Just a quick thought here - FFP was supposed to protect clubs from being exposed by renegade owners spending loads and leaving the club in rotten debts before doing a runner with none of the liability falling on them We have an owner who is prepared to take on MORE financial liability (ie, buying the ground and leasing back to us) and continually complains he can't put more of his own money in - And the EFL are going out of their way by (it seems) questioning decisions they ratified previously In the same season Bolton nearly drop out of the football league and Bury actually do - Both clubs which (as far as I'm aware) complied with FFP regulations Doesn't that seem a bit odd? I mean people keep talking about us 'breaching the spirit of FFP' with the ground sale - But the rule was to try and stop teams going bankrupt because of what owners had done - Which the EFL have singularly failed to do for Bolton and Bury - And they want to punish Morris for making himself more liable, which seems to me to be the very spirit of FFP
  6. I wouldn’t go if I was him. He’ll still be a squad player, Rowett will get another job and he’ll be stuck in the cesspit of south London. There is a player in there somewhere though. i don’t see much difference between him and Che Adams.
  7. Ollie Pope first Century and Stokes got one as well. England 425-7 going great at Port Elizabeth
  8. The wages are our main problem really. As you mentioned we usually sell to buy apart from in one year. We shouldnt really be trying to spend the same as the top spenders in this division. Its impossible without parachutes even if we have set Championship records for revenue in non parachute seasons. We need to spend within our own means and not look what others are doing. We could have spent well outside ffp and still come nowhere close to teams like Villa - their wage bill alone last season was more than all the money we spent on transfer fees since Nigel Clough.
  9. When we bought our house the council tried to put us in a high council tax band - when we challenged this, they stated that their 'finger in the air' valuation of the property meant they were correct. I (politely) pointed out to them that the actual value of the house was what we had paid for it and therefore that should put us in the lower band - when threatened with going through the appeals process, they eventually gave in and accepted the value to be the price paid, not their made up figure. This is similar in that the value of the stadium is whatever the 3rd party paid for it (as signed off in the accounts) - just because the EFL (or Steve Gibson) don't like that does not make it wrong or in any way a fiddle. Fact is thet the FFP rules had a hole in them that allowed Mel to help his football club - the EFL may need to spend some time working out how this can be prevented in future, but they cannot punish us for something that was o.k. as the rules stated at the time without finding themeselves in court. I suspect the delay in a statement from Mel is while the lawyers work out how much Mel can sue them for and the compensation he's willing to accept for the EFL defaming him and the club....
  10. Yes mate . Ollie Pope just got his first Century for England which has cheered me up. Up the Rams
  11. It should also be noted that the stadium (owned by Gellaw Newco 202) is essentially mortgaged with Rams Investment (Gabay) having a charge against it. Now you would expect that the stadium was valued before that charge was granted, I wonder what the valuation was.
  12. I'll get up tomorrow Morning, I'll cook myself some bacon and eggs with 3 rounds of bread and a coffee, I'll watch a bit of TV, Shower, Get my clothes on and catch the 12 noon bus, I'll be in the pub around 12-30pm, A couple or 3 beers, All the chat will be about our Mel and the EFL, Then around 2-15pm we'll mooch off to the ground, Get into my seat at 2-55ish, K Off 3-00pm and my support starts. Mel Morris has got my support 100%, He may have made some bad choices in his tenure, But I feel as though the EFL are being a little duplicitous in this, Clowns in Billy Smarts are better run than this bunch of no bodies, I don't give a rats what any other clubs supporters think about us, If they're having fits of laughter, Or having fun taking the kiss....so what, We'd do the same. 50+ years I've supported DCFC, Around 1400 games, Most likely spent a kings ransom supporting us, When I go away on holiday, I take my DCFC shirt with me, Why? because i'm born and bred in our town, I live and breethe Derby, I DO NOT get embarressed when stuff like this happens, It's out of my control. I do not sing now not many in the North Stand do, If any chants against the EFL are sung i'll stick my best singing voice on.
  13. anya and Lawrence are likely to have a negative P&S affect,
  14. First game should have been played at Elland road after they choked again and missed out in the playoffs. Sadly their pitch was still waterlogged with Yorkie tears and we have to wait until the midweek arrival of Watford and Will Hughes second debut for Derby against his old club.
  15. Unfortunately Bennett won’t raise much. anya won’t raise anything. it would make sense to sell Lawrence if we got a decent offer but will we? And he is Cocu’s most selected player. However I wouldn’t be surprised to see bogle and Lowe disappear.
  16. you do realise that reports state that Marriott is currently injured (again!)?
  17. But that makes my other point even more. Why didn't anyone at the EFL pipe up and say that the stadium was over valued despite going over the books twice??
  18. That's not quite right in all cases. Try getting your bank to give you a £1m mortgage on a house - even if you're paying £1m for it, the bank will want an independent valuation to make sure the loan is secured on something worth enough to cover it. It's a similar situation here.
  19. Cheered me up no end. If our beloved manager would actually pick Marriott once in a while, it would make my day.
  20. I wouldn't be overly fussed if we got rid. Win win for both parties, we get rid of a frustrating player that the fans seem to hate, and he gets to prove himself at another club, fighting for a play off spot. Now if we can just get someone to stump up for Lawrence as well...
  21. How about Lawrence, Bennett and Anya??!!
  22. That's my understanding. Seen some, so called, experts say it's about £40m over the odds. But as others have pointed out, the price is what someone pays for it, not what people think it should be... The EFL ratified the deal, twice, so why didn't someone, at any point during the dotting of the I's the crossing of the T's say "Hang on, that seems a bit much"? They're doing this more as a face saving exercise than anything else...
  23. The big issue here, is that selling your stadium is a perfectly reasonable thing to do in some cases. We presumably sold the BBG at the point we moved into Pride Park, for example. There are probably other good reasons too. So you have to have some mechanism of accounting for it, otherwise anybody that sold their stadium would get an immediate points deduction, as the stadium disappearing off their books would just leave a massive hole that they could never hope to cover from elsewhere. Morris has certainly implied that he's happier with the stadium in this position - it provides a certain safety net in that if the club were ever sold, we wouldn't end up like Coventry, with the stadium sold out from under us by a dodgy owner etc. So who's to say he wasn't planning to do this sale at some point anyway? Now I've no doubt he chose to do it that season because of FFP, but there's nothing remotely immoral about choosing to do it at a certain point because it maximises the benefits for everybody.
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