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  2. Amazing that André visited the players at their pre-match meal at their hotel yesterday! What a guy!!
  3. On Ipad (old one that is) i get a big grey circle displayed instead of the heart ❤️ for the likes. When i press it i can see all other emojis but again not the heart.
  4. https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/35071-forum-update-010720/?tab=comments#comment-1883557
  5. I was still using it. Orange lives matter.
  6. Following on (too late to edit my previous post... Further investigation: From that first page, if I then return to "Unread content", it does still retain that thread on the list (as I have failed to read the unread posts, of course), so that's ok. However, if I dash off (from the first page of the thread) to the last page of that thread, (eg page 39) it then assumes I've read everything, and clears it from my unread threads list, even though there is unread content on pages 36 to 38. I have to scroll through the pages, to get to "The Black Line", indicating where I'd last
  7. Today
  8. Don't know if you are already aware and on the case, but... My list of unread posts appears to be ok/correct, but when I click on the actual thread, it's taking me back to the start, not to the first unread post within that thread.
  9. Derby 2 - 0 Forest FRGS - Sibley
  10. Where has the orange theme disappeared to?
  11. Would Cocu have had success if it wasn't for Rooney's arrival? The difference between his arrival is astonishing. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I think it's worth noting.
  12. Those passing combos Evans-Bird-Holmes-Rooney-Bogle created ❤️ About as sexy as football can get.
  13. Looks good 👍 Thought I’d broken something cos my orange had gone 😂
  14. Derby County v Nottingham Forest Saturday , 4th July 2020 , 12:30pm KO. https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/33072-mo55ys-201920-dcfcfans-pl-tables/
  15. Now that i've had a little time to think about it In
  16. Some early tough losses, and I (along with many others) was calling for his head. But what he has done despite missing training and friendlies in the States, the drink driving incident and losing our captain as a result, losing Wilson/Mount/Tomari from loans, to piece together this season and have the Rams peaking at the right time has been beyond impressive! If Rooney had been in Derby from the jump, they are top 3.
  17. Looking at the starting eleven tonight, only Waghorn cost any serious money. I would love to know how much that eleven cost.when we bring subs on somehow I think that it will be fine as Cocu had improved every player. There is little pressure in him in the sense that he knows that he is safe here and the improvement in players has been remarkable. Cocu...What a guy. COYR
  18. Probably still 2 months off. Should be back around October from the initial estimates.
  19. He is prone to errors but I thought that was his best game for us.
  20. We can’t yet write the history of this season, but it was pretty flat until the last ten games. we were poor in the cups going out 3-0 in both competitions. the season didn’t really spark into life until the 4-0 home win over stoke. Prior to k.o. we were 16th and 10 points off the play offs. Since then there have really only been two disappointing performances and results - the away defeats to Bristol city and qpr. at that point it didn’t seem that we had the required quality or desire as we sat 14th and 11 points off the play offs. But the introduction of wisdom at centre back, wit
  21. One of the best in the business. This is a great performance by the band.
  22. Looking good, David, fresher.. 👍
  23. Disagree I think he makes too many incorrect decisions he nearly cost us twice losing the ball cheaply further up the pitch in the second half
  24. I enjoyed Lampard's season more. There were a handful of amazing games and the team spirit and togetherness was visible. It felt special. Tomori and Mount are my favourite loanees ever too. But looking at what Cocu has had to deal with makes his record here more impressive than Lampard's. Right from the late arrival in Florida and not even being able to meet staff at Moor Farm and settle in the City it's been chaos. Manager of Derby before seeing Derby. A late Pre Season disrupted by weather. Then all the obvious distractions. Even things like Ramage upsetting Bogle and Lowe etc is just
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