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  2. The simple economics is that the UK cannot produce enough to feed itself. Here is the view of some farming organisation, but hey what do they know. https://www.theweek.co.uk/95658/can-britain-ever-be-food-self-sufficient The up shot, farmers will have to work harder, as apparently they are not at the moment....
  3. Butland had obviously watched wags last penny where he went to the right and that’s the way he dived, at least waghorn had the confidence to do something different! Yes it was close to his feet but hey it went in ! Some of us remember when Conor sammon was our man !
  4. I'm far from being an economist but I would have thought it logical that boosts to local economies would have a positive knock on effect for the wider economy. Who knows, it could even lead to a re-emergence of the high street...remember that?
  5. Shall we stick to "white nationalist" then? Is that easier? Quite honestly if anyone reads the wikipedia page for the "Proud Boys" and then learned they were going to march in their city looking for trouble and the side you'd pick is "anti those who seek to defend the peace" then that's pretty shameful
  6. I think that when we get Bogle back it will be time for Lowe to replace him at left back. If we ever go to a 3-5-2 , both Lowe and Bogle would be perfect for wing back roles
  7. Let's be honest, words like 'fascist' and 'racist' no longer have much meaning. They are just words used at the first opportunity by people who either are trying to get a reaction or dont actually know what the words mean. If you are seriously trying to compare your perceived idea of fascism today with what happened in the 1940s then I think you have a poor knowledge of history. Of course you could probably argue that all movements start somewhere and this is the early shoots of fascism. Personally, I struggle to see it. Just for balance, lets also not forget that it's not that long ago that justifying and advocating the use of violence against people you disagreed with was frowned upon!
  8. Usually use their boots to tell them apart... but if I'm honest, I thought it was Dowell Saturday too, and I was there! Just assumed Dowell would've been the one in the box, not Evans.
  9. Not at the start of the season he didn't. Egor came in on 31 October. Cocu has Rooney coming in January, someone who should have just as big an impact on the team, dressing room and whole club as Igor did. I expect Rooney to play centre midfield by the way, which is a further point for those who are saying midfield is a problem and wasn't addressed etc.
  10. Derby 1-1 Bristol City. Marriott FRGS.
  11. Yeah, you remember correctly. After the penalty away to Hull (1 September 2018), our next penalty was against Rotherham on 30th March. We got two in that game. Then 2 more penalties later in the season and that's it. 5 total penalties in the league, plus one in the playoffs.
  12. And if you go high they can sail over the bar,They say the hardest to save is straight down the middle every keeper guesses which wat ro dive unless the taker has form of hitting the in just one direction,Has anybody ever actually seen a keeper stand still,I have watched football for 60 years and i have never seen it happen,
  13. As i don't know much about Antifa I've been doing a bit of research. This BBC article seems a good summary of what they're about: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/X56rQkDgd0qqB7R68t6t7C/seven-things-you-need-to-know-about-antifa I find this quote interesting: 'By the early 2000s the Antifa movement was mostly dormant - until the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right.' This NBC report is good too IMO: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/far-right-rally-portland-met-anti-fascist-protesters-n1043646 It's interesting that the Mayor of Portland does not want the man (Biggs) who organised the far-right rally to return - 'I want to be really clear. We do not want him here ..... in my city. Period.'
  14. Cocu clapped and waved on Saturday, stick that up your pipe Dave from Chad. Van der Weerden also stopped all the players from walking off and made them applaud the fans, for what it's worth.
  15. At least we're actually getting penalties. Seem to remember there was a gap of pretty much the whole season between the one we got at Hull and the next one near the end of the year.
  16. I dont imagine you would be asking for context if it was Farage or Robinson supporters doing this...
  17. Penalties down the middle always look fairly poor. Although in fairness he should have lifted it off the ground, that doesn't seem to be something he does for whatever reason. Maybe he had a habit of skying penalties as a youth. But I digress, going the down the middle is a common strategy for penalty takers who missed their last penalty. It has a huge success rate. I'm not too worried. I imagine, from January, there's a good chance a certain Mr.Rooney will be taking penalties when he's on the pitch; but until then I don't know who'd be a better option. Being the primary penalty taker probably means everyone's penalty taking as been assessed and Waghorn is likely the best we have. Waghorn took penalties last season, when he was on the pitch. We remember the Wilson penalties later in the season but he only took them because Waghorn wasn't playing. Which means he was seen as ahead of Wilson for them. People are just a little nervous cos he missed one; he still has an excellent penalty record for us.
  18. Couple of options here for me... Roos, Lowe, Keogh, Clarke, Malone, Bielik, Dowell, Shinnie/Knight, Lawrence, Bennett/Zoon, Waghorn or properly shake it up... Roos, Keogh, Bielik, Clarke, Lowe, Bennett, Evans, Dowell, Lawrence, Waghorn, Marriott - with Lowe and Bennett as wing backs. To be honest, I'll be happy whatever if Huddlestone's not starting.
  19. Derby 1 - 1 Bristol City FRGS: Jack Marriott
  20. Very strong, tries to be positive, settling into a new side that is also adapting into a revised system, good in the air - decent all rounder But... doesn’t seem creative or play with much flair and doesn’t play far enough up the pitch. I think there’s a very good player in there but needs games.
  21. Well at least we won't be arguing over bendy bananas - coz there won't be any of any shape to buy. You can buy all local supplied food today, nobody is stopping you - me too if I wanted. I don't know your personal situation but maybe you could afford the extra expense that would be incurred doing so. But many can't and the likelihood is that rising food prices - even if it is because we eat more locally produced food - will impact more severely those who can't bear it most easily. But don't worry, coz anyone with Tesco shares will see a nice return on their investment even if the rest can't afford half the stuff on the shelves. Why, out of interest, are you so convinced that using local suppliers will boost our economy?
  22. Thought it was his best game on Saturday. Cocu definitely rates him, but although he can do it, when he drops in and has to do the running in the defensive midfield role for two players, he doesn't look half the player he is when he's in a more advanced role.
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