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  2. We picked up FloJo from Brentford! Maybe it's how these fabulous players are put together and played as a team that is the point. Has Cocu managed to get a team from his squad yet?
  3. That's what I asked Santa for anyways.
  4. BTW, anyone watching this years gaff filled Sports Personality of the Year. Gabby Logan and Gary Lineker aren't having the best of nights lol. If I wrote what Gabby Logan just accidentally said on here I'd get the post deleted!
  5. Knew I was right before the Jose anecdote
  6. Most effective formation, best 11 available. Roos Bogle. Wisdom. Davies. Lowe Bielik Holmes. Knight Lawrence Marriott. Martin If Marriott injured, then Waggy. If Wizzy not ready, then Evans.
  7. You lazy git. For a start Jacob Butterfield doesn't play for us any more. Neither does Claude Davis. Mitchell Lawson at left back? Ridiculous. What a mess.
  8. I suspect that Evans dropping into a back three is a deliberate tactic to allow us to deploy the wing backs. People think he is doing something wrong but I suspect he is doing exactly what he has been asked and coached to do.
  9. I think if you start picking sides for whatever reason its gonna end badly. There has to be a blanket statement and commitment to do better, lay out some ground rules and go from there. I don't like all this historical blame game, times change and so do people and societies. We can't change the past but we can do better in the future. If we all want to live together everyone has to give a little and take a little. If we can't even discuss what the boundaries are then we'll all have differing views as to who has overstepped them and by how much. Start afresh, employ a philosophy of education and forgiveness for inadvertent transgressions whilst punishing the actual racists. Sounds simple really.
  10. Roos back please . Hamer is a career no2 for a reason
  11. All those moaning about Cocu should remember how many shots we had on target against Fulham in the play off second leg. Talk about "going for it" 😒
  12. I know we're not supposed to discuss deleted posts but in the interests of openness - I admit that I did call out a post as having racist undertones in the language that the poster used - and my post was deleted to stop the inevitable argument. Fair enough.
  13. Absolutely - my point was more about the media handling of the two sides. Is that because there are a lot of famous personalities in the media who happen to be jewish - and thus the anti-semitism scandals were amplified in a way that the islamaphobia stuff wasn't? Or is it that the ISIS terrorism stuff makes people less likely to be sympathetic to islamaphobia?
  14. Given that Bojo has been a little careless in the past when describing muslim women and labour has got a problem with antisemetism so by extension Israel (no friend of any muslims) i think the answer would have to be labour one would think.
  15. For people who go on and on about free speech and the like, you all get very worked up by these supposed accusations of been racist/xenophobic etc. I can't remember reading any accusations of racism on this forum, at least since the politics thread came back. I assume there must be regular accusations like this as the same people keep going on and on about it, but that they are always deleted by the mods before I get round to reading them. You snowflakes need to believe in yourself more and not get as uppity when one of the communists on here suggests that the People's PM Johnson has said some pretty irresponsible things in the past. Like his infamous Letterbox slur, clearly intended to cause division and let certain sections of society know he can give it to the Muslims. Imagine the indignation of everyone if Corbyn had use similar crass language to laugh at the appearance or orthodox Jews and imply he couldn't trust them as they were hiding behind their big beards.
  16. A lovely floated cross from the Rev - nodded in at the back post by i-ram
  17. Not sure whether Paterson was fully utilised. In my head he’s had a row and he’s history.
  18. Look at the figure 1 graph. Muslims overwhelmingly voted Labour in 2017. Highly doubt it was any different a few days ago. http://www.brin.ac.uk/religious-affiliation-and-party-choice-at-the-2017-general-election/
  19. I said maybe 100 pages ago now after Corbyn's interview with Andrew Neil on prime time TV that perhaps he didn't outright apologise because 250k votes lost equals 4m votes gained (total UK Jewish population vs Muslim population). Whether either party is anti-semitic or islamophobic or to what degree is neither here nor there, if you can appear as one and not the other there's a lot of votes at stake. Oooh, conspiracy theory time! The two previous maps I posted showed almost 100% correlation of high density muslim areas and Labour seats. I'd suggest that both main parties have work to do vs racism, I don't know how you start it though. Maybe a mass apology from both parties and a commitment to free speech in the House of Commons, with inevitable future minor slip ups dealt with by apology rather than outrage/sacking cutlure.
  20. My most forgettable loans would be Jason Talbot, Andreas Pereplotkins and Nick Chadwick.
  21. Paul71


    They really do make it up as they go along. Clear foul on de gea today.
  22. Genuine question, are Muslims more likely to vote Labour than any other party?
  23. Interesting - especially this quote. You can see why they didn't want to vote Tory It still feels deeply suspect that anti-semitism in the Labour party was frequently front page news, and dragged up over and over - in comparison to Islamaphobia in the Tory party which seemed to get mentioned in dispatches but seemed to gain no traction with the media. And it wasn't Corbyn who made directly made fun of jewish tradititional dress - nor was it Corbyn who committed to an independent inquiry into anti-semitism on live TV and then completely backtracked within 24 hours Did you see the horrendous replies to Baroness Warsi's tweet making a new call for the inquiry to start? Just have a browse - some of them are in line with the type of thing you are keen to have an open discussion about - but then dozens of them are just pure outright disgusting islamaphobia and racism. How do you have an open discussion in this climate?
  24. This came from BrexitBalls. The mistake of mislabelling column 2 (2019) aside, it implies to me that Labour voters didn't flock to the Conservatives, but mostly didn't vote (about half switched to lib Dem).
  25. We’ll only waste the money.
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