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  2. Some people may remember John Beck at Cambridge . Cowley has that feel about him . Used to hose his players with freezing cold water to toughen them up and create divet's in the turf and brush the grass so it grew in a way to make the ball stick. Not my understanding - I was told this by a someone who played under him . Think the games moved on a bit to much at this level for this kind of stuff to work . Think he would be out of his depth. We really need someone who knows this division as we have time to provide a crash course
  3. Your account on here is more of a parody than my life off of here
  4. If that’s our shortlist of options I’ll be greatly disappointed, really don’t think there’s enough there capable of succeeding here. Moore did a decent job a West Brom and was unfairly sacked, but he’d be underwhelming and too inexperienced for me, tho with a decent season style of play. John eustace is a laughable suggestion as I’ve said before. Monk again did a decent job at Birmingham and plays decent football but would be underwhelming for me before we even consider the dodgy reasons as to why he was fired. Don’t want any dodgy situations here. Only one I’d be behind, if he does play decent football (idk I don’t watch Scottish football that much) is mcinnes. Experienced and done a decent job at Aberdeen, good enough for our job imo... knows a few players too and has links to Jody at Chelsea. Would take him but wouldn’t be my first choice... the rest, nah. Good at least we’re building a shortlist quick mind, can get interviews underway as soon as Lampard leaves then and get the process done before next week and the start of pre season, provided Lampard does indeed leave as hoped this week. Just would rather we went for someone slightly more experienced and maybe set our sights wider than just England for once. Whoever takes over imo will take over a club in a good position so hopefully we’re attractive.
  5. Hope he gets asked about Danny Cowley.
  6. Worth noting that Forest signed a similar joke in Joe Lolley and he's turned out alright for them. Before Forest, Lolley's best season was 4 goals in 30+ games - the same as Ameobi - so put your money on a season of double figures.
  7. Don't know if this has been posted but it's an interview on Soccer AM from 3 years ago. Chelsea don't want to be publicly turned down and Lamps doesn't want to publicly reject Chelsea, so I suspect it's just a formality now otherwise it wouldn't have got to this stage. I could be wrong but I hope not. Some of you saying Chelsea haven't commented, therefore they may not have approached Frank but I seriously doubt that's the case. We hire managers a lot (a bit like you lot) and there tends to be nothing said by the club until it's all signed and sealed. I'm not gloating in any way, you're obviously losing a popular manager and that's tough. We've lost two players to Real Madrid in recent years, and I'm old enough to remember a time when we regularly lost our best players (Wilkins, Nevin, Townsend, Durie). Those of you doubting whether Lampard will be given time, I'd be shocked if he wasn't. He's loved at Chelsea and people realise he has a big task ahead of him and he's very much learning his trade. Whether he turns out to be good is another matter. Usually we hire people with pedigree but this one's definitely a punt. If he comes I'll be ecstatic along with practically every other Chelsea fan I imagine, though many will fear it's too early. We've got a good youth system and I also fully expect us to be sending a few more kids your way on loan. Ultimately, we want to be challenging, so though he'll be given time, if he can't compete with the best managers out there he'll be gone. We're going to give him a chance but ultimately he has to be up to it. He possesses incredible drive, determination, single-mindedness, ambition and self-belief. He's going to need every ounce of it. Chelsea is a tough job. Anyway good luck next season folks, with or without Lampard. Maybe we'll be seeing each other soon, either in the PL or the Championship !!!!!!!
  8. They look more like a packet of cigs? Clutching at fags 😆
  9. I think it’s the best way forward ? That or Terry Westley
  10. They pitched the ball up with the new ball and we didn't. You could see we were going to lose 5 minutes into the game. Brain dead.
  11. I’ll probably go for a shower half way through and come out to about 20 pages on here, get excited something has happened, then find out it’s people talking about crisps.
  12. Tbf for a champions league manager that’s at the lower end of the pay scale. Decent money when he gets paid off mind, which he will. Suggests a contract has been accepted, which if true should mean things are finalised officially pretty damn quickly. Don’t see why it should take as long as next week, things need to hurry up so our new man is in place too. Should think things will move fast now and we may even hear more tomorrow. Expectations same as sarri with equal pay for him then, champions league football- imo under a transfer ban that’s gonna be a mammoth task. I’d be extremely surprised if he’s in charge at the start of the following season. Think this will end disasterously.
  13. Only when they’ve gone off, I know my biscuits me. Chocolate finger was my favourite before I went GF.
  14. You can hear it know . ' Were getting a sizeable investment from a Derby company - Were buying the ground we play in for a pound from another company I own that's being liquidated. We sold it to them a few months ago for 80 million . Then i'm selling it to another company I set up yesterday for another 80 million . That gives us 160 million to blow on players plus the cash for Bert and Ernie from Chelsea. Can you imagine Gibsons head .
  15. Sho am I. Let'sh have a drinky.
  16. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11680/2214307/ravanelli-confirms-Derby-deal-is-on ?
  17. Probably read too many of your posts 😜
  18. From this day forth, you shall be known as The Hype Killer.
  19. What do you make ( just out of interest?)
  20. Yeah @MuespachRam would have us straight back in the Premier League. Would have us playing great football, would have some great tunes on before the game, at half time and after the game. Proper beer and snacks in the concourses. We'd be turning over Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere Rovers, no problem. We'd give Chelsea a right proper doing every time, same with the Arsenal, Spurs, Man City and Man Utd. Before we all flew our flags on a very regular basis around the world to beat everyone in sight time and time again.
  21. Huddersfield got relegated - Wolves have had one good season in the PL, let's see what they do next season (I suspect it will be a bit more of a struggle) - Leeds are totally undisciplined at the back and it probably cost them promotion - Watford have had 7 managers in five seasons, their first three seasons in the PL their win percentage was below 30% (before last season they had 45 points, 40 points, 41 points).
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